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Residential Capital Corporation (RCC) is a group of dedicated professionals who specialize in securing capital for Multifamily and Greek Housing projects.  RCC was formed in 2004 and began working with Greek Organizations in 2009.  Since inception, RCC has closed more than $83 million in Multifamily projects for seniors and special needs individuals and more than $200 million in Greek Housing Projects. 

Using our experience in commercial lending, RCC applies typical Multifamily and Commercial analysis to determine loan eligibility and projected loan terms.  After securing a financing offer from a lender, RCC will work with your organization to determine the affordability and impact on cash flow.

RCC is passionate about Multifamily and Greek Housing.  We bring caring and understanding to our client’s needs.  RCC’s guiding principles are to address our clients’ needs with urgency and thoroughness.  No project is too big or small, or out of our scope of expertise.

RCC works work with national housing corporations covering several projects, as well as local housing corporations.  RCC possesses the expertise and understanding of both types of organizations’ structure.

November 4, 2019  

RCC is pleased to announce the closing of financing sourced for Delta Gamma at San Diego State University.  The $3,093,750 loan was used to purchase a property that will become the chapter house for Epsilon Sigma Chapter.  The financing structure was very unique since the tenants of the property will remain until the end of school.  We were still able to convince the lender that the property was owner occupied, thereby getting a higher loan-to-value loan.